In the memories of her work as teacher and coordinator of exhibitions in the Mostoles Trust of Culture, (Patronato de Cultura de Mostoles,) Ana Agudo Sanchez “Alián” gathered the basics for the educational project the she developed in ten years of intense work in a town where public tendencies were growing and developing in all senses with dynamism. The cultural centers started their going with great hope and culture was empowered from public institutions, and it is at this moment when a very young Alián arrived, understanding art as a life philosophy of personal growth and as a reflection of the times that she lived in.

Alián wanted to make of her classes a space where ideas circulated freely and where painting and art in general were an expression of life philosophy. For her, art had to be public and fee, and her educational project was centered in turning her students into “thinking beings”, as she used to say. It was a time this in which everything was there to be done, and Ana found and was surrounded by a wonderful work group that gave her wings to be able to make real many of her projects with hope… and she also found in her personal life not just workmates, but also more than friends, sisters, who went with her with a deep and strong feeling till the very last instant of her life.

Ana is gone but her way of understanding art remains here, alive within her students and in all those who knew her, and as the ancient Greek philosophers, whom she admired because they imparted their classes in public streets and squares freely, she wanted to make of the Kaleidoscope a “precious crystal” where to go and look out, to make possible a better world through art.

Isabel Sánchez.
Alián Cultural Association


It is particularly difficult to resume this course as a whole, the results, dreams, actions, motivations, etc., which were the outcome of the work of all this period of time in Mostoles: the last four courses. I have been able to prove (agreeing with Socrates, among others) that the learning period in any discipline is marked by the student, and is the mastery of the teacher in introducing in the holes or doubts the student might have, as fast as possible, all that was previously marked.

I am happy with the result of this course, apparently the way to the new way of understanding the world of painting and perhaps of art in general (new but not actual) is paved in the scene around me. In the initiation workshop dry and wet techniques have been touched, arriving at the acrylic and oil at the end of the course, but fundamentally they learnt to see, to look and discompose reality into lots found in colors and planes, thus finding ourselves with a divided reality through the theory of light and color, and set inside the space, to be able to understand the plane space that initiates cubism and the plain composition, through lots that weight in a painting and understanding color from impressionism. All this would be the base of the language needed to begin to paint, to paint interpreting and creating, of course. The group was made up of women among whom a tight and trustful relationship was established. All of them will be this year in the investigation workshop.

The women for whom this program is (designed)dedicated, find with this inductive method which brings out to light the emptiness and holes in their knowledge and self-knowledge, that reality is not that which they are used to see but a different one, divisible, analyzable, changeable, constructible, terms all of these with which their daily reality doesn´t count, they discover a different reality that is opposed to their own way of understanding the inside and the outside and gives as result the discussion, learning, gatherings, the wish to show what they have inside through this new language, that they know now and use.
The courses of experimentation have been the bridge that helps make contact between the plastic and investigation languages, it has been necessary and has done its job. In these courses (2) in the morning one group and in the evening another, we have gone a practical and theoretic journey, from Goya as a brusque change inside the painting concept, introducing the psychology of the painter in the portrait and the expressionism paintings, in the engravings; we have gone through Velazquez´ Las Hilanderas(The Spinning women), the Sorolla museum, Tolouse Latrec and Van Gogh

In these groups we have known different ways of facing a painting and the reality that is in front of us, as much as that which is inside. Different ways of elaboration have been worked, which have taken us to different interpretations and feelings.Through these groups have passed people who on finishing the course and as an example, some are painting, others are the Frida Khalo Collective, others have passed the exam to attend the University of Art (Facultad de Bellas Artes,), etc… Possibly all of them also will be in the Investigation Workshop proposed for the term of 1991-1992.

The Comic Workshop has taken body, and the result has been a collective of the comic with good expectations since it is in contact with the best craftsmen and scriptwriters from Madrid. For this group, where I intend to have girls because there is only one so far, this year I have prepared an open space for debate, attainment and inducement towards design and the Comic, with the expectation of creating a Comic Week and some other contest, if possible.

The children´s course, being a creativity workshop, has worked satisfactorily all year around but the motivation towards plastic art and drawing in general is broken up in the period between 10-12 years of age, which is the top I have between the infantile and the adult programs.
In the exposition of artistic education in children, the inner march of the workshop is very satisfactory but of little relevance. The method, to my understanding, should be different from the co-education and the education, in order for it to have more outstanding results. This is a project that I shall take into account and study this year

The workshop on male and female nude (alternatively) on Fridays has been very positive. The monographic has been a dream made true, with relevance practical-technical in painting as well as in motivation to painting, and each personal motivation of the students who assisted. It consisted of four themes that the models interpreted from lower to higher difficulty, where the corporal expression of the models who posed excelled, and the capacity of interpretation of the themes by them as well as by the students.

Ana Agudo Sánchez “Alián”
Fragmento de memorias del curso 1990-91