First stage

"The fountain of creative power in the human being dwells in the imagination which manifests itself in the projection of images. Thus, art molds the evolution of the human being as a species along history and as an individual throughout his life."

Wars and Social Protest

“To discover paint as a communicative language, as a life Philosophy, to make of it (…) a strong and categorical criticism against all social problems. With my work I want to contribute to the social protest against what man provokes with his misunderstanding and his greed for power: the destruction of the human being"

Her Blue Stage

"I want to express a metaphysical transgression, a reflection on the eternal and changing of our consummate “passing”, of returning to that mathematic and universal circle that is the certainty of our innermost being, the flight of the intangible of sprit and matter.
Art has a direct relationship with the universe when it can awake within us the feelings which take us closer to the superior being that we all carry within ourselves, that emotion that drives us at times so that our acts contain the essence of the human being."

Between Wars

"Goya introduces the expression of the body and the social paining in his engravings and black paintings. T.L paints the marginal society of his time deepening in the gesture of the stroke, besides the color. In this century Munch, Kirchner (somewhat more abstract) start with expressionism the concept of paint as witness of the crudest reality, expressive and analytical way of painting.
I realize on my part, a great interest for the study that comes from expression that emanates from the human being."

Last stage

"In my own evolution as a human being I have taken a step forward in my last work (..) The paintings of this investigation are mysterious and profound, full of questions, with people who overstep over other people, who contain and embrace others: they wish to be translations in time, plain colors, geometry and suspension in space…(..) the search for the fountain of energy and power which give meaning to our life"